Essay on Communication Skills

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Communication Process




Contents The communication process 3 i. Sending the message 3 ii. The Channel 4 iii. Receiving the message 4 iv. Feedback 4 v. Context 4 vi. Noise 4 Verbal and nonverbal elements 5 Conclusion 5 Reference 5

The communication process
Communication skills are essential and are often intertwined with success in job. It is crucial to sharpen and develop such skills. Communication process is a dynamic procedure which incorporates both verbal and nonverbal elements between the communicating parties (Tara and Martin, 2004, pp. 4). When there is fault in the comprehension of a message, this is termed as a misinterpretation. The massage that was
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Interpretation is very essential as it influences the feedback given. This is where misinterpretation mostly occurs. Asking appropriate questions aids in the identification of possible miscommunication elements and unintended messages. iv. Feedback
Person 2 replies to person 1 by giving feedback. This may include both verbal and non verbal communication. Feedback is an essential part of communication and it entails both non verbal and verbal communication. It facilitates the evaluation of the understood message and the consequent response. It is necessary to actively pay attention to the feedback to facilitate effective communication. v. Context
Communication must be based on a particular context. Context shapes the details of the communication. The communicating parties also have their own beliefs and comprehension of the world and as such, the beliefs may have a huge influence on the way they understand and interpret the meaning of incoming data. vi. Noise
Noises are the barriers of communication. Communication may also be hindered by the environmental, psychological, demographic, disability related, semantic, and organization limitations.
Verbal and nonverbal elements
Communication is diverse and one cannot conclude that only words have the sole meaning. On the contrary, non verbal cues also have a huge impact on meaning. In addition the people involved and the context of communication is also influential (Tara and Martin, 2004, pp. 7). However the

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