Communication Skills Essay

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For this module interpersonal skills and therapeutic communication, we have been asked to write a reflective essay that examines our own communication and interpersonal skills developed to date. To do this I will research the theories behind interpersonal communication; during reflection I will identify areas of my own strengths and weaknesses, building my concept of self-awareness and acknowledging room for personal development. To do this I have decided to use a model based on ‘Stages of reflection’ (Gibbs 1988) (see appendices 1). By using this model it allows me to reflect in a structured way.
I will start off by demonstrating my understanding of interpersonal communication. After reading information from various sources I now
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During the conversation stated in Gibbs (1988) Reflective cycle (see appendices 1), I have become aware that I do offer gestures of acknowledgement and interest through nodding my head when I understand, this showed that I was interested, understood and an openness to listen, which allowed the conversation to keep flowing. I have learnt that body language, orientation along with gestures and touch when used in the right context can be a positive implication on the effects of communication, and this is something that I have very little experience in but would now like to implement this into my practice. Egan (1990) cited in Tilmouth and Davies-Ward et al (2011a.p.38) used the acronym SOLER to help create a therapeutic relationship (see appendices 3). I will use this model when practicing my communication skills. I try and maintain eye contact, I am aware that eye contact is one of the most effective types of non-verbal communication. Heron (1970) cited in Burnard (1997 p.91) suggest that eye contact is a vital channel of communication in most interpersonal encounters, eye contact enables the other person’s non-verbal signals such as facial expressions to be received and decoded. One aspect that I show little awareness of is my facial expressions; I think that this is an important factor

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