Communication Skills Are Important For Success Essay

1075 Words May 20th, 2016 null Page
According to Bethel University Unit 2 : "Who Are You?" (2016), Communication skills are the key to success. I must have solid communication skills in my home life with my family, in my career, and also in my college courses. Although much of the college courses are online and require every assignment to be written if I lack the communication the instructors and fellow classmates will not understand the essay, discussion post, or even emails. Communication skills are the way I am viewed in my career. Every day I speak with many individuals from our community. Then in many cases, the communication between the individual and I must be written down whether in a report or in a statement form. The written report or statement is read over by my Chief of Police and depending on the outcome could be handed over to the state officials. As for college, solid communication skills is also a key aspect in every area. My communication skills are being viewed on essays, discussions, and also as I am typing this very assignment section. There are many ways to improve my writing skills. I am studying the APA formatting located within our library, rereading more of my posts and assignments prior to submitting, and also taking every bit of correction from my instructor to better my writing skills. I have also downloaded the which has already been very beneficial. Lastly, I have been using the Reference and Citation Generator and Plagiarism Checker to ensure that…

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