Communication Rules Essay

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Successful Communication

A communication event I recently attended was "rush" for a sorority. It was a series of days where I met with all the different sororities. The whole point of this is to meet many different people to decide which sorority is for you. The event is focused around communicating with people so they can get to know you and you can get to know them. If you send the wrong message about yourself you may not be invited back the next day to see the people that you would like to see again. Also if the person you talk to in the sorority sends the wrong message to you, you may not want to go back and visit that sorority again. You could not be successful with something like this if you cannot communicate properly and if you
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People don't usually tell you how close you are allowed to get to them. You have learned throughout you life how close you should stand or sit next to someone. Most of these are courtesy rules. When you are just meeting someone you usually shake hands with them instead of running up to them and giving them a hug. Something like that could make them uncomfortable. When you are with friends though a hug may be acceptable. A lot of the implicit rules may be able to be broken around really close friends but when you are just meeting people or you do not know them well they are especially important. During the event I recently attended I was meeting all new people. I was sure not to break any of the communication rules. There were not any really explicit rules but there were many implicit rules. During the event I had met someone new and person I had just met was standing very close. My personal space was being invaded and I immediately tried to correct it by stepping back slightly without being too obvious. Even after the correction I made the person still came very close to me. I was so uncomfortable that when the person was talking I could not concentrate on what they were saying because of the rule that had been violated. Usually in this type of situation you can fix it by moving away to give yourself more space except when the person continues to stay close to you. This is a sort of unavoidable situation. It is

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