Essay on Communication Report On Communicating Across Cultures

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Intercultural Communication Report
Problems in communicating across cultures

Yasmin Islam was born in Bangladesh in 1938 and has spend 40 years as an Australian resident. She grew up as the eldest child with four brothers and two sisters. In 1975 she came to Australia by boat with her husband and two young children. The immense difference between the two societies and cultures that Australia and Bangladesh lead to Yasmin to undertake a significant process of enculturation. Although Yasmin admits that it was difficult to submerse herself in the Australian society, she says that she is glad to have made the move to Australia. Yasmin and her family first moved to Canberra, where she lived until her children finished there schooling. She then moved to Western Sydney with her husband Nazrul, where she can visit her three grandchildren.

Before she moved to Australia, she spoke Bengali and knew minimal English. Her parents, uncles and aunts taught her and her siblings the small amount of English they knew.
“It was difficult to make small talk with others because I would forget the word in English and people wouldn’t understand what I was trying to say; which was very difficult” When she first moved, she would most interact within her micro world but as she became better at speaking English, she found it easier to interact in the meso world. She was excited to be in a safe, new country and eager to be able to communicate with different people.

When I asked Yasmin about her…

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