Communication Patterns In My Family

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Communication Patterns Within My Family of Origin “A family is a self-defined group of people who create and maintain themselves through interaction and communication. It has a history, a present, and a future” (Turner, 2013, pg. 9). In my family’s history of communication, there have been many times of struggle and what family doesn’t experience hardships? It’s a fact of life that will come up one-way or the other. In these times of struggle however, have come times of happiness. By using a genogram to visualize the communication patterns, triangles, trends, and differentiating process, I am able to point out which legacies I would like to carry on for my family’s future.
Main Intergenerational Patterns
Relationships within my family are those typical of any other family’s. We often disagree on things, but are all still close and supportive of each other. My relationship with my mom (Selena) is described as close. Throughout my childhood and today, my mom has always been supportive of my brother and I. One thing that my brother and I love about her is her sense of humor. She can always make us laugh. Her
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He always seemed to calm me down in times of stress and he was always supportive. My relationship with my grandmother is great also. She is like a second mom to me. One thing I love about her is that she can always make me smile. As for my step grandfather Ray, he is my biggest inspiration. I look up to him everyday because of his desire to help others. Dad’s Relationship with His Parents My dad had somewhat a troubled childhood. His father (Darwin) was strict at times. His relationship with his mother (Sandy) is close compared to his relationship with his father. He always went to her for help and support. That’s what I believe got him through the hardships of his early life. As of today, his relationship with his parents has gotten better. They communicate often and are always on good

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