Communication Paper

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Communication Paper
The mode of communication chosen is web-based forums which includes a virtual health care community. A health care community is provider sponsored information systems that provide various types of health care information over a website. Rosado (n.d.), A web portal supports the healthcare providers to improve the patient care and overall efficiency in the delivery of healthcare. Some goals of a web-based forum is to provide fast and secure exchange of health information for patients, providers, payers, pharmacies, and diagnostic centers.
A benefit for the patients is the ability to schedules appointments online which would save time. The patients will have improved quality of care and access to health records
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Telemedicine or web forums differ from other modes of communication because of the physicians’ ability to consult with other health care providers via the internet and have access to the patient’s medical records. Media and social networking can be a positive change in healthcare communication. Networking will allow faster communications between physicians and other providers such as laboratories, radiologist, cardiologist and other health related providers. Web forums allow the choosing of audience according to size, cost, or composition. The targeted audience size can be measured according the number of people with certain characteristics or needs; an example someone with diabetes. This person may use to conduct research on the disease, for help in controlling and help with the diet. WebMD is a leading source for health and medical news and information; it offers a symptom checker to help determine what is causing the symptoms. WebMD’s website can answer many questions that may arise from prescriptions given by the health care provider to lifestyle changes to the diet. Some healthcare organizations use web forums to provide health education, describe the services they offer, and communicate their vision. Other organizations use web forums to encourage wellness and online care forums where individuals can

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