Communication Observation Of People Communicating Essay

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Before undertaking these observations my understanding of communication mostly revolved around the ability to speak, and that it was the primary way we communicated. The purpose of this communication observation activities was to highlight that there are many different forms and levels of communication and how even though it’s all around us, much of our communication takes place subconsciously and to experience what it might be like to live with a communication difficulty, and how someone who was unable to communicate effectively would act in an environment.
I undertook three communication observations. I decided I would go to the Undercroft at the University of Canterbury, the departure and the arrival lounge’s at Christchurch Airport to observe people communicating, as I expected these would provide contrastive experiences to compare between them and find similarities and differences. I chose to sit somewhere in the background and write on my laptop so I could observe everyone while still maintaining confidentiality. My expectations going into this were that the Undercroft would be an area where there was large variation in communication: there are so many students of many different cultural backgrounds that all forms of communication could be found. I thought that the airport’s departure lounge would be a more intimate environment, higher up on Powell’s five levels of communication (needs/feelings) (Figure…

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