Communication - Kelly & Amelie’s Case Essay

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Communication - Kelly & Amelie’s Case
Communicating efficiently at work is very important as having efficient communication prevents confusion to others and prevents possible major problems from happening or make problems that already exist worse. We have to ensure we use the appropriate communication channels according to the situation we are dealing with.
For this unit, the problem that Amelie described to her boss Kelly, is that there is an athlete who is a candidate to appear in a sports drink commercial and the company wants to hire him. The hiring agent heard this candidate has been taking steroids per this agent’s investigation. The hiring agent called her supervisor seeking advice as to what direction to take due to time
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If I was Amalie, I would have to talk to my team to ensure the information I have is valid and sufficient and present to them the proof that the candidate has been taking steroids. After further discussion with my team and convincing them of the possibility of steroids being taken by this athlete, I would then have discuss with my team ideas as to how to approach the athlete’s agent to ensure we find a way to convince him to take the drug screening test. I will have to convince them that this is the best for the athlete’s future not only at his sport, but also at the company’s running this sponsor’s commercial campaign. I would tell my boss Kelly that I agree 100% with her, we cannot omit the rules just because he is an ideal candidate, if an exception to the rule is to be made and this candidate is not to go through our screening process, I would ask my boss if she consider requesting an approval by the board of directors to make an exception as I’m sure this would not be a decision to be made by me or her. Do you think they’ll be willing to provide an exception for this candidate? Will you want me to schedule a meeting with my team to ensure we all follow procedure and are aligned with company policy? I would then ask my boss Kelly to please respond to me via email at her earliest opportunity.
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