Communication Is When People Exchange Meaning Essay

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Communication is when people exchange meaning in order to reach an agreement in any way. There are a lot of ways that people communicate, using different mode of communications. Here in Africa, particularly in Zimbabwe, we respect our ancestors and some of our elders claim that they communicate with the dead and get direction on how to live. Although we exchange meaning and understand each other, there are a lot of factors that are involved for different people to perceive the meaning of the communicated aspect. The context of communication is one aspect that can make one present himself or herself to other and be able to communicate or be able to convey the message to others.

Intrapersonal communication is one context of communication that can encourage or discourage one to communicate with others. This is when one talks to himself or herself concerning what to say, or reply or what to write. When ever communication is in play, there is something that you will be thinking to yourself either you prepare a reply whilst someone is talking, which might disturb or encourage you or you might be thinking of something else and this is intrapersonal. It is actually when you talk to yourself. As l am writing this assignment, l am thinking to myself if the materials that l am writing are presentable, should l continue or should l change the script. This, l am talking to myself and this communication is taking place but that only involves me. Intrapersonal shapes how one will…

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