Communication Is The Tool For Every Individual 's Daily Life Essay

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Essential to every individual’s daily life is communication. Communication is the tool we use to exchange information and connect with other individuals. We use communication to express our feelings, thoughts, and ideas. It is also a means in which we exchange information through signals, sounds, and behaviors. Communication is key in helping us learn, understand, and relate to others and can be conveyed face-to-face, verbally, nonverbally, through gestures and body language; as well as, how we act and dress. How a person sends, receives, and relays a message is understood not only by what is put into words, but largely by the facial expressions that reveal that person’s mood and what they are truly thinking. Facial gestures with or without verbal communication helps an individual better understand the true meaning of a message that is being transmitted.

There are a variety of ways to communicate, but one of the most significant types of communication is with the use of facial expressions. Facial communication is an integral part of every person’s daily life. Each person, no matter their age, gender, or where they live; have their own way of expressing themselves. However, no matter what each person’s differences are, they can be understood universally when using distinct facial expressions to convey how they feel. A facial expression can say a thousand words, and is one of the best tell-tale signs (clues in) of understanding a person’s mood when they are…

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