Communication Is The Simultaneous Sharing And Creating Meaning Through Human Symbolic Interaction

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At first when I consider of communication, I just consider conversations to be with one or a few other people, but communication is much more than just that. Communication is formally defined as the simultaneous sharing and creating meaning through human symbolic interaction. (Seiler, Beall, 2005) Communication must involve a “we”, the word communication comes from the Latin pre-fix co-, which means with or together and the root word munia, which means sharing, communication is sharing together. (Edwards, Edwards, Wahl, & Myers, 2013) We are constantly communicating in some form with another, whether it is verbally or nonverbally we are at all times sending out and receiving messages from others. Verbal communication involves the use of language; you verbally communicate by speaking with a system of words that represent symbols. Symbols convey meaning and characterize ideas, people, places or concepts. (Edwards, Edwards, Wahl, & Myers, 2013) Nonverbal communication is more of a broad concepts, it is defined as all of the ways we communicate without using words. Nonverbal communication can be the way you dress, your gestures, your facial expressions and even how you decorate your dorm room. (Edwards, Edwards, Wahl, & Myers, 2013)
I have known my best friend Lana for almost half my life; we met at a church retreat when we were both 10. Before Lana, I was best friends with another girl, Adele, which Lana was also friends with. Since Lana and I both came from the same…

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