Communication Is The Real Work Of Leadership Essay

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Importance of Communication
Communication is the foundation of organizational behavior and an essential part of leadership. As Nitin Nohria puts it, “Communication is the real work of leadership.” It enables a team to move forward and find success while still allowing for functional ambiguity. Communication is often thought of in more formal terms but as Bolman and Deal (1997) note, organizations and teams must “determine channels of informal communication” too (p. 211). Increasingly, change in workplace cultures is leading to recognition of the importance of building trust and common ground through informal communication and the value of this for companies in sharing knowledge. Newly employed graduates have cited informal discussions as the most frequent type of communication and of importance for teamwork and building and fostering relations (Pullin, 2010, p. 456). For instance, “Small talk functions in a number of ways in building, maintaining, and reinforcing rapport and solidarity” (Pullin, 2010, p. 468). It helps to create “understanding and affective links between staff of very different cultures and hence nurture solidarity and good working relationships” (Pullin, 2010 p. 464). Other types of communication include oral, written, and nonverbal. This paper focuses specifically on verbal components of communication behavior in the workplace as a necessary tool of team success and sustainability.
The importance of communication is apparent in the workplace. According…

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