Communication Is The Number One Reason For The Disintegration Of The Family

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The following statement "Communication is the number one reason for the disintegration of the family unit in the United States." proclaims to have some sort of truth behind it. I feel that communication is a huge part of our life style. Without it degradation begins to occur and fault within our society begins to unravel leading to the disintegration of family units. Let’s take verbal communication into consideration. What we say and how we say it impacts the way we view each other. Here is a prime example, my stepmom is Italian so she speaks with her hands and raises her voice when telling a story. It is easy to interpret this from looking outside of the conversation that she is upset and angry. Different cultures have many different verbal communication skills that may seem strange or off setting in out culture but to them its normal.
Non-verbal communication is another big factor when communicating with one another. We tend to express ourselves more non-verbally then verbally. This is due to the way our body moves, facial expressions and snickers and snarls. These are “tactics” we use in a numerous occasions and could also be misunderstood just as easy as verbal communication. Understand this, an individual got into trouble at school; while standing in front of the teacher their body language portrays attitude or unknowledgeable sense of awareness. Keep in mind no words were spoken however, the non-verbal communication portrayed by the student expressed enough.…

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