Communication Is The Most Important Than People Essay example

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“Communication with others” sounds so simple. Unfortunately, too often when we try to communicate we get lost in translation. We say one thing, but our interlocutor hears something else what can cause misunderstandings, and conflicts.
Whether we are trying to improve communication with our close people, we can improve the communication skills that enable us to effectively connect with others, understand better and listen carefully. Nothing, but understanding can be the most important between people. Even your spouse can move away from you, or take a distance because of the misunderstood and vagueness.
I can say, that communication is more than just exchanging some information. It 's about understanding the emotion and implicit signals and sighs behind the information.
More than just the words you use, effective communication combines a set of skills including verbal and nonverbal communication, engaged listening, responding, managing relationships, adapting to others and more.
Effective communication is the instrument that helps people to improve connections to others, decision-making, and problem solving. It helps to be part of team, and to work effectively together. It enables people avoid destroying trust or creating conflict.
Through this class I could learn how to communicate more an effectively and even clearly. Getting new information, I try to use it, to apply in practice, to check the efficiency of theories.
My closest person is wife. I tried to practice all…

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