Communication Is The Key For Effective Management Essay example

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Communication is how information travels from one source to the next and is key for effective management. Management on a global level is focused on communication and working towards the greater good for humanity. Without managers, business would not get accomplished and work would be hectic. To keep business running ethically, Management should always have the triple bottom line in the back of their minds, which maintains that we are working towards creating a better world to live in socially, economically and environmentally. Due to differences in cultural customs and norms, the demand for employees that are fluent in skills to deal with other countries customs, languages, and politics has increased as well as the need to deal with ethical dilemmas in the work place. The definition of communication is the imparting of or exchange of information or news. This is one of the major goals of a manager, to effectively communicate the ideas if the organization or order to produce the necessary results, mainly profit. This creates a new demand in the job market. With the increase in international business come the demand for employees with new skills to deal with foreign languages, laws, customs and ethics. Because communications and cultures are so different, academic scholars have created what is know as the GLOBE Project which intends to validate and create a theory of relationship between cultures and society for organizational and leadership effectiveness (Carpenter, M.,…

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