Communication Is The Exchange Of Messages Between Two Or More People

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Communication is the exchange of messages between two or more people to generate meaning. The goal of communication is to generate common meanings through a message in hopes that it will be understood by the person whom you are trying to communicate with. To successfully communicate, you need to know how communication actually works, and the components used. The components are people, messages, channels, feedback, codes, encoding and decoding, and noise. All of these components are important and necessary to generate a message that is effective in relaying your intended meaning to another person successfully.
The first component of communication is people. People are the most important component to communication for the simple fact that no communication can be made unless there are people to initiate and receive a message. Both the roles of sending and receiving messages are equally important and necessary to have effective communication. It is also important to consider a person 's age, gender, race, attitude, and culture values when trying to communicate because these qualities can affect how people send and receive messages amongst each other.
The message is the formed thought, feeling, or idea that the source is trying to communicate to the receiver. A message is both verbal and nonverbal. Verbal being the content of your idea, and nonverbal being things such as body language. Body language is the most effective part of this component at communicating your emotions.…

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