Communication Is The Essence Of Human Life Essay

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“Communication is the essence of human life” a quote stated by Janice Light and used by many others is a true statement! Does anyone ever really pay attention to how many times they communicate daily? We may not speak as much as we used to but believe it or not, we are communicating more than ever. Studies have estimated that 99% of Americans have cell phones, but spend 26 minutes per day texting and only six minutes on calls. There are many forms of communication, face to face, writing, texting, email and so on. When communicating through written communication as described in chapter four, a good written message has well written sentences and flows well from paragraph to paragraph smoothly. You can make your sentences more effective by using sentences and words that your audience will understand. The sentences you want to use will vary based on the organizational culture. Active voice is also another way you could improve your sentences. You use active voice when the subject in your sentence “acts upon” the verb. Making sure important points get across to the reader clearly is also needed when preparing a written message. Adding visual aids such as charts, pictures, graphs, and other visual aids, will help grab the audience’s attention and make the message easier to comprehend. Comprehension is the capability of understanding something. This plays a big role when sending a written message. One thing that can really affect ones comprehension when it comes to a written…

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