Communication Is Much More Than Just, Public Relations Essay

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Communication is much more than just “public relations” for a corporation. Corporate communications incorporates a whole range of specific disciplines, such as corporate design, corporate advertising, internal communications, management of issues, and relations with investors. Corporate communication is a total communication activity created by the company in order to achieve the company’s planned objectives. Corporate communication can be characterized multiple ways. According to Joep Comelissen, one example is “a management function that is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the work.” Based upon those characteristics corporate communication involves a wide range of “managerial” and “tactical” activities. Such activities could include planning, coordinating, producing, and disseminating messages. If corporate communication needed a detailed definition based on characteristics, it could be defined as such:

Corporate communication is a management function that offers a framework for effective coordination of all internal and external communication with overall purpose of establishing and maintaining favorable reputations with stakeholder groups upon which the organization is dependent. (Cornelissen, 2011)

Based upon the characteristics of corporate communications, the communication can be complex; this is especially seen in companies that are multinational, or have many products and services. Coordinating communication in a corporation requires strategies…

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