Communication Is Essential For A Successful Business Essay

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Effective communication is essential to running a successful business, and businesses need to go beyond in order to survive in a competitive market. While there are many classifications of communication used in a corporate environment, most people are not proficient in all of them. The more competent managers become with communication, the smoother the business will run. Managers, as well as employees, need to sharpen their interpersonal communications and develop techniques to overcome the barriers that exist in business communications. Moreover, as companies conduct more business with international firms that employ people from all over the world, employees need to understand and make sure their employees possess the necessary skills to manage and conduct business and navigate intercultural communications to handle the business efficaciously. The reason this is important is that communication is the interconnection between a company and the employees, and potential customers. This is essential for companies to stay in business to thrive and grow; developing interpersonal communications will be the key to a company’s success.
The role of interpersonal communication both as a manager and employee is a great skill to enhance. According to Ondondo, “Understanding communication and how it works is important to human beings. This is because everyday activities and functions involve some form of direct or indirect communication” (2015). Ultimately, this can be accomplished by…

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