Communication Is An Integral Part Of Human Society Essay

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In the contemporary world, interaction is an integral part of human society. Mankind need to interact with one another in order to sustain the balance in our intricate living conditions, as well as maintaining our sanity. Human species have come this far by striving to better our living conditions through interacting and working together as collectives. Communication between two or more people has been key to our interaction and has always been central to our success. Our communication skills have come a long way since the dawn of mankind when our interactions were limited to body gestures and screeches. Today, there are roughly 6,500 different languages in the world, spoken through thousands of different dialects. Not only are the languages spoken, but they are also written and read. The communications skills have thus grown extremely sophisticated and complex.
With the insurgence of the world wide web, reading and writing has become even more crucial to our intellectual development. Whether its via tablets, pc’s, or smartphones, communicating through the internet has become a norm in the 21st century. Though it has improved the availability of information and communication of information, it has come at a relative price. As texting and blogs became popularized, short-handed words, and slangs have also grown in abundance to the point of it being used more than the actual words its representing. This has become a problem for many as it became a norm and a habit.
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