Communication Is An Important Part Of One 's Daily Life Essay

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“The meanings of my language mean the limits of my world”- Ludwig wittgenstein. Communication is an important part of one’s daily life. We go from a “Hey, good morning”, to a “Have a great day”. When people communicate effectively, it helps eliminate misunderstandings on a diurnal basis. Language is the key to communication. Language represents words, whether it is writing or speaking. On the other hand, communication is all about the message. “Mother tongue”, an essay written by Amy tan, “explores ‘all the Englishes’ that are part of her identity”. The story focuses on the prejudices of Tan and her mother and the limitations that imperfect English can impose on society and the richness that such English could bring into writing. Which scrutinizes different scenarios in an everyday life that I personally experience since I come from an immigrant family whose English might be “limited” to others.

Amy Tan wasn’t the only whose language was different at home. Coming to the united states in search of a better life along with my family, changed my life. I faced many racist remarks as a child. I would get bullied in school, because I would probably mispronounce certain words or just simply misunderstand what anyone had to say in the English language. It was very difficult to get by everyday situations. I would apologize for having an imperfect English and decline to participate in school functions or to take leadership roles. Tan acknowledges that, “the language spoken in the…

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