Communication Is An Important Part Of A Supervisor 's Job Essay

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1. “Everything a supervisor does involve communicating.” Build an argument to support this statement.
Communication is an important part of a supervisor’s job and often taken for granted. Think about it, almost all they do notes for good communications. When they select a new employee, good communication skills aid them to pick the best individual and make certain the individual they selected to hire knows what the job involves. When they’re training, coaching, or evaluating an employee, they need to be clear about expectations and sensitive in dealing with problem areas. When conflicts arise, they will need communication skills to resolve the issues without creating more. When their department is going through changes or a reorganization, they will need special communication skills to get feedback and ideas from the staff and to give them news that 's sometimes not friendly while keeping them motivated. True communication is one of the key elements in managing change as well as managing people.

2. Why isn’t agreement necessarily a part of good communication?
Agreement necessarily isn’t a part of good communication. Good communication relies on the ability to work through conflict, not to simply agree when a conflict arises over the horizon.
3. When is a written communication preferable to an oral one? When is it not preferred? When a message is intended to be official, if it has long-term effects, or if it is highly complex, a person will want to deliver it in written…

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