Communication Is An Important Aspect Of Human Social Interaction

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Written communication is an important aspect of human social interaction. If someone wishes to influence a large target audience, authoring a document is an effective and efficient method for doing so. Therefore, it is important to study the appropriate usage of rhetorical situation and methods of influence such that there is a higher probability of perpetuating the author’s ideas to the audience, vice alienating them and not persuading them into the author’s favor. Rhetorical context, arts of persuasion, as well as argument structure and development all play important roles when devising a proposed concept for the ingestion by the public. An article written by Rodney S. Earle discussing technologies implementation into the classroom environment is an excellent example of how to properly orchestrating an argument. His view points are taken as key insights across the industry, no doubt due to the way in which he concocts his written media, and this article is a prime example of his work. Through use of an implied inductive reasoning to open the minds of the readers and display general outcomes, direction demonstrated largely as a logos tone, and a Toulmin architecture for the argument structure, the article effectively conveys its desired purpose to the audience.
According to Gavin McMahon, a popular blogger, opening up the readers thought processes as well as effectively steering their mindsets is a key attribute to any argument that wishes to impose itself on would be…

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