Communication Is All About Relationships Essay

724 Words Nov 13th, 2015 3 Pages
Communication is all about relationships. In communication there are many different types of relationships and depending on the relationship, changes the communication people share. There are personal and social relationship. An example of personal relationship is the relationship someone has with their family. Other personal relationship can be with a best friend or a romantic partner. These people are irreplaceable, the person may be able to find someone like this person but can never truly replace that person. They have a unique bond with the person. People who have a social relationship can change and the communication would not change. Examples of this are a store worker and a waiter. If someone were to take their place the relationship between them and a customer would not change. Forming certain relationships has always been hard for me, especially when it came to my love life. I have had many relationship but only three that were really serous. Most of my other relationships were the ones where you go on a couple dates and it ends or you date for a little over a month. My longest relationship was around seven months with a boy named mark I meet him at a party at my house. That was the most real dating relationship I have ever had. We had our up and downs as all couples do but I ruined it. The age difference did not help he was 21 and I only just turned 18. My other two relationships were with Steve and Caleb. I have been talking to both of them since my sophomore…

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