Communication Is A Way Of Transforming Information From One Person

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Communication is a way of transforming information from one person to another. It is something we do every single day; therefore, we need to know the right way of communicating to achieve our goals. Interpersonal communication is very essential in health care settings between provider-patient and provider-provider. It is important to know when to say something, how to say it, where to say it and who should/should not be a participant. In this essay, I will summarize a research article about parent preferences on Day One Talk and the relation of interpersonal communication and health care regarding delivering bad news. I will also evaluate the findings of the study and examine its benefit to health care professionals’ understanding of the role of interpersonal communication in health care. Day One Talk is the first time when a pediatric oncologist acknowledge parent about diagnosis of cancer of their child. The study tests what parents prefer to hear on that day, how and where to hear it, and whether the child should be present or not. It also tests what parents believe is important to be discussed on Day One Talk and what should/can wait for later time. Voice written The method of the study is a cross-sectional observational study, in which the authors collected data by surveying sixty-two parents of newly cancer-diagnosed children. Type of children. The survey contained questions about Day One Talk regarding “its content, length, and setting, as well as whether the child…

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