Communication Is A Important Part Of Human Life Essay

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Communication is a very important part of the human life. Without communication, the human body would be a sad, lonely group of people. Ways of communicating have changed drastically over time and will continue to advance as time progresses. For example, up until about the early 1900’s, the most common form of communication, besides meeting face-to-face, was through letter. Though this process was not a speedy one, it was the most popular way for those split apart to keep in touch. Then, advancing further into the 1900’s, the telephone was beginning to become a widespread form of communication. The idea of the telephone was quite fantastic, and simplified the ordeal of contacting someone with great distance between them. From the time the telephone was just beginning to be used until now, there have been many advances to the original telephone. The cell phone is a well-known illustration of this. It is very uncommon, especially in the United States, to come across someone who does not possess and use some kind of cell phone. This may make one wonder, “what happened to the old way of communicating with just a piece of paper, a pen, and a stamp?” Though writing a letter and sending a text message have their similarities, writing a letter will always hold more sentimental value. One similarity between sending text messages and writing letters is that both are a form of nonverbal communication. It requires absolutely no sound to either write a letter or send a text. Both…

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