Essay on Communication Is A Fundamental Element Of Humanity

1062 Words Dec 6th, 2015 null Page
Communication is a fundamental element of humanity. To live without communication is almost impossible because of the various forms communication takes in our daily lives. Communication can be spoken verbally, written, expressed through our nonverbal actions, and through several other mediums. Through this year’s Intro to Communication course, I have learned the prominence that communication holds in my daily life, and some of my communication skills have improved throughout the course of the semester. The first, and perhaps most obvious form of communication, is verbal communication. At the beginning of the semester, I rated myself as fair in this category for a few reasons. My first reason, as pertains to verbal communication, involved the fact that I became nervous while speaking in front of groups. Secondly, I felt that I was better at written communication because the pressure of speaking in front of a group is not present in a situation where I write. I feel as though I have improved my writing skills throughout the year, but I am still nervous when I speak in front of groups, or when I speak with people who I am not familiar with. Therefore, I would still rate myself as fair, although I have improved slightly. To improve this skill, I will continue to practice speaking in groups through class presentations, and speaking in general with the people I meet in the future. Nonverbal communication is an important form of communication. In my first essay, I rated myself as…

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