Cave Man's Form Of Communication With Symbols

Communication has evolved beyond what one could have imagined just in the fifty some odd years of my life. This journey from my perspective is a great example of never knowing what to expect. If the future is as exciting as the past then who knows where this might lead, we are already back to the cave man’s form of communicating with symbols.
My best friend lived across the street and on top of the hill. I remember as a child my main form of communication was yelling at the top of my lungs. She would come to the foot of the hill, I would stand on the bank of the ditch in our front yard and we yell at each other between the cars. Usually the conversations were the same, “can you come to my house?” We moved and I left my best friend but
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That did not go well! In the end, I had eight digits programed as speed dial numbers and as far as I know she never called anyone other than those eight people. The entire concept of charging the phone was lost on her. I convinced her that the cord was only needed at night and the sun charged it in the day time. Once when I visited her she had it lying in the window because “it needed a charge”.
Along with cellphones came text messaging. Text messages have almost completely replaced the act of placing a phone call. Along with text messages came an entire new alphabet and form of communication called “emoji”. Now we can communicate with using the alphabet. You can let someone know you are pleased, sad, angry or happy with punctuation. Does this bring to mind some of the drawing we found in the caves of cavemen?
Cellphones have also opened up the world to us. In the old days when you dialed an area code and the number long distance charges applied to the call. Now most cellphone plans are unlimited long distance, meaning you can call anywhere, anyone at any time. Cellphone data plans allow us to communicate using data via programs like Facebook and IChat to talk with people in other counties. My husband and I regularly talk with his son and daughter in Sweden at no additional

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