Communication For Health Work : Confidentiality Essay

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Communication for Health Work

Confidentiality refers to all information relating to the service users and the records associated with them. Confidentiality is a legal requirement according to the Data Protection Act (1998). This law demands that Health and Social Care workers should maintain all service users confidentiality at all times. (Ministry of ethics, 2010-2014).

Confidentiality is a paramount right for service users; it is very important for all health professionals to follow the rules of confidentiality. There are various reasons why obeying confidentiality is important (Crittenden et al, 2010). One reason for care workers to maintain confidentiality is for the service users safety. To protect the service users possessions and the individual 's safety, care workers must ensure that they keep all personal details confidential. Another reason for following the rules of confidentiality is to gain trust from the service user. If a care worker has previously broken confidentiality then that service user may not trust the care worker enough to hand over any more personal information about themselves or any other important information (Ashbridge et al, 2008).

Only in exceptional circumstances confidentiality can be breached. As a care worker, it is important to ask the service user for permission to communicate the information to other people who may need to know certain information that has been handed over. Some examples of people who may need to know certain…

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