Essay on Communication Facilities for Disaster Management System

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Communication facilities for disaster management System


Over the last few decades, a numbers of countries have set up disaster management information systems according to their own specific needs. Disasters are unpredictable and occur suddenly like earthquake, floods, drought and cyclone etc. Communication facilities for disaster management system is most important act as it convey at the right time communication in disaster,it may handle disaster and helping to decrease it.

Two type of information needs in disaster management

Pre disaster information: Question arise that how to get pre disaster information? It is getting from the research and analysis department of the geography in the country.

Post disaster
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The optical remote sensing data has limited application in providing such an assessment due to cloud cover associated with the cyclones and subsequent flooding. However, in recent years data from microwave sensors like Radarsat have been found extremely useful to overcome the problem of cloud cover. One such example presented here is study of progressive inundation of the East UP floods of 1998 using multidate data of Radarsat under different beam modes viz scansar narrow, SAR standard and SAR extended low. A detailed damage assessment which was made available to the district officials within a fortnight showed that a total area affected was ~5.37 lakh ha (out of this the cropland was ~3.76 lakh ha) with ~4278 villages/ settlements inundated. The unit cost of the satellite survey was found to vary from Rs. 2/- to 20/- per sq km corresponding to the resolution used. The three data sets were found to be useful in monitoring the progressive inundation. Besides the satellite, communication and education can play a proactive role in mitigation through awareness about the types of disaster and as to how prevention measures can be taken up. The people can be educated about their rights and duties as well as about the different prescription to face the situation an almost all the three phases i.e. pre, during and post disaster.

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