Communication Course On The Sexist Language Essay

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As a senior in college majoring in Mechanical Engineering of Technology (MET), and I did not give any attention to the communication that goes on in my courses. This communication course has given me insight on the sexist language that is exemplified. I have experiences things such as the “chilly climate” in many of my courses, and how the instructors communicate with me versus the other male students in my class. In many of my mechanical engineering classes I have had male teacher and majority of the time was the only female in the class. The teacher would initiate class by male teacher walking in and greeting the class “How are you guys?” . The guys in the class would respond and most likely ask a question. I felt as if I was overlooked and as if I was not in the class. I don’t think that the term “guys” when there is a female in the mix is appropriate in that class setting. Being the only female in most of the classes I was picked last sometimes in groups and what I had to say wasn’t taken as serious as if a male had said it. The males are more criticized in class and the teacher speaks to them more than me. I had a female teacher for one of my MET class, and the a few pf the male student would treat her with less respect as the male teachers. I notice that the male students would sometimes interrupt her or not pay attention to what she was saying. This is an example of the chilly climate from chapter 10 being demonstrated in the classes.

The students that are praised…

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