Communication Contract : A Important For Human Beings Essay

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Communication Contract Summary Contracts are very important for human beings. As humans we enter into many different contracts through our lifespan including social contracts which tell us how we must act around each other and what we can and can’t do. This along with many other contracts give us rules to live by and tell us how we must act towards each other in order to create an ethical society. Throughout our daily lives we are constantly told to live by different contracts even at our place of work. A very important contract that must be adhered by is called the communication contract model, it is “based on ten ground clauses that are pragmatically binding for all communicating beings” (Dresp-Langley, 2009). Affective communication “involves broader issues, such as the overall impression being conveyed and being aware of the emotion behind the information being expressed” (Roberts, 2012).The communication contract model includes ten different ground clauses. These ground clauses are sincerity, relevance, continuity, clarity, prudence, tolerance, openness, resolution, balanced speech times, optimal timing. Respecting these ten clauses insures that communication will be respectable and clarity will be maintained. The first clause is sincerity and makes sure that all partners are communicating without omitting or falsifying information. If communicators do not pay attention to the communication cause then they will limit the reliability of their words and…

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