Communication : Continuum Of Communication Essay

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Continuum of Communication Independence In the first module, it describes what communication independence can be translated to look like, and how communication is not independent. As I read over the first section I began to have a better understand of how we may limit our student from having complete independence on their communication. It also described how this was the foundation of the model, of how we can help make someone truly communicatively independent. The next part of the module talked about the emerging communication, and how we might think that a student that is an emerging communicator is an individual who is just getting started with AAC. Although, this section defined emerging communication as, the communicator does not have a reliable method of expressive communication through symbolic language. Which is translated to an individual is not able to communication what he/she intends to communicate, and uses non-symbolic communication methods such as gestures, body language, and pointing to communicate their needs or wants. The next section of the module describes context-dependent communication which is defined as the communicator having the symbolic communication that is reliable, but can be limited to particular contexts or individuals. With context-dependent communication this means that the individual is only able to talk about familiar topics related to their lives, in certain settings or activities with the familiar individuals that they interact with…

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