Communication, Conflict Resolution, Interviewing, And Documentation

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communication, conflict resolution, interviewing, and documentation. In gaining these skills, there will be less miscommunication . Just like the many skills that should be gained there are many roles that need to taken such as informational, case manager, coordination, enabler, intervention, and advocacy role. There may be a multidisciplinary form that may include the administrator, a nurse, a physician, social worker, activity director, and others as necessary (Singh, 2016). When you make the patient comfortable by trying to accommodate to their needs and preferences they will be satisfied with their care. The decisions that are made in the end are up to the individual such as family or staff members Family is important to make sure that the patient gets the proper services needed when placed into a nursing home.
Family Management and Involvement
It is thought to be critical that the family is involved and proactive in the lives of the residents. It is important that although the patient lives at the nursing home he/she is not left at home and has visitors. As an extensive review of the literature suggests, many families continue to visit and provide various forms of assistance to loved ones in residential settings. The reasons why family members remain involved in the lives of relatives following institutionalization are complex; various facility, resident, and family-level variables all appear to account for family involvement (Gauger, 2005) .
In the end simply there…

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