Communication Comparing Two Events And Festivals Essay

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Communication-Comparing Two Events
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Whether it is international or local business, sports or cultural festivals, hosting events provides a country with numerous benefits including provision of employment opportunities to the residents of that particular country. Events and festivals are the building blocks of tourism attraction that forms a significant percentage of gross domestic products. There is a positive correlation between the number of tourists’ attraction and economic growth of a given country. Countries endowed with numerous tourists’ attraction both domestic and international earn relatively high foreign exchange (Ricky, 2010). In addition festivals and events boost national pride as well as encouraging international collaboration. Citizens have the opportunity to showcase their talents both at national and international levels. International events and festivals are an important aspect of fostering competition between countries across the world. An international event for instance FIFA world cup which is held after every five years draws players across the entire world. Apart from rewarding the winner and best players, the tournament helps the world look like a global village being the most viewed championship. UAE is not an exceptional in hosting local and international festivals and events especially from the cultural sector, sporting arena and the business world. This paper discusses major events in…

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