Communication, Communications, Feedback, Noise, And Transactional Communication

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Throughout this course I have learn many new and helpful concepts and terms. In the Interplay The Process of Interpersonal Communication, there is twelve chapters filled with tons of useful and meaningful information. I can’t just pick just one chapter to focus on, I picked chapters that I think is relevant. And some of the terms in each chapter that I believe I can relate to and the ones that stood out to me more than others.
In chapter one is all about the interpersonal process which how we communicate and why we do. But there are many need and factors with communicating. There some of the terms that stood out to me in this chapter they are environment, communications, feedback, noise, and transactional communication model. Environment is both the physical setting in which communication occurs and the personal perspectives of the people involved. Its where the conversation is happened, and what the speakers think of the people and where they are. As well feedback is a discernible response of a receiver to a sender’s message. Many give feedback that people give is either in a negative or positive way. I always try to give back positive, and when i need to then i’ll give negative, but only when its necessary. However noise is external, physiological, and psychological distractions that interfere with the accurate transmission and reception of a message. Its the things around us that distract us to keep as from pay attention to the conversation that you are having . Some of…

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