Essay on Communication Case Study

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Communication Style Case Study
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Communication Style Case Study In communicating, “The words you choose and the way in which they are delivered to the delegate make the difference between a successful and a frustrating episode in delegation” (Hansten & Jackson, 2009). The three communication styles in the case studies are passive, aggressive, and assertive. An analysis of the first scenario reveals that Robin, RN, used aggressive communication while Rashad, the assistive staff used passive aggressive communication style. In order to accommodate therapeutic communication that would improve the outcome, the scenario would change as follows:
Robin, RN sends out an announcement of a
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The interchange of communication was respectful and nonthreatening for both. This was great communication and dialogue between Rashad and Robin. An analysis of the second scenario reveals that Pamela, school nurse, behavior category is nonaggressive. In order to accommodate therapeutic communication to improve the outcome, the scenario would change as follows: Pamela, a local school nurse was following up on a recent vision and hearing test performed by a volunteer Brigite. Pamela, the Nurse, was concerned because of the accuracy of the test results and how they did not compare to previous readings. Pamela to Brigette, ‘I am here to review the results of the vision and hearing test you performed. First, let me thank-you for volunteering, we really appreciate your assistance.” Brigite, “You are welcome, I am more than happy to help.” Pamela reviews the readings of the test with Brigite stating “the numbers are not comparing to previous readings, can you show me how you performed the test?” Brigite, stated, “Sure, I was not given any direction; I read and followed the instructions.” Brigite demonstrated the test accurately. Pamela, stated “that is the correct way to perform procedure the test, let’s review the documentation.” Upon reviewing the documentation the results together, Brigite noted she had documented the values under the wrong heading; “I documented the vision results under hearing results,” in

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