Communication Bias Is A Burden That Can Hinder Effective Interpersonal Communication Among Marriages

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Closeness-communication bias is another burden that can hinder effective interpersonal communication among marriages. We tend to make assumptions when we collaborate with those who are closest to us because we know them so well. Boaz Kysar, a professor in psychology at the University of Chicago, stated that “People commonly believe that they communicate better with close friends than with strangers. That closeness can lead people to overestimate how well they communicate with each other” (Harms, 2011). This closeness can create the illusion of insight and cause a problem between close acquaintances because the listener may wrongfully assume that a comment or request is based on prior knowledge that the two have in common. We think that we understand more than we actually understand (Harms, 2011). To guarantee that you do not become victims of closeness-communication bias always make sure that you do not assume you understand what your partner is saying. Now that we have distinguished a few effective interpersonal communication ideologies as well as some universal impediments please allow me to explain the significance of appreciating this insight. People have an exceptional capability to contemplate themselves and how others view them. Our self-concept is our self-evaluation. This evaluation is determined by everything you think and feel about yourself. It is a complete assembly of beliefs and attitudes that you use to embrace who and what you are. There are…

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