Communication Between The Supervisor And The Soldier Essay

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Communication between the supervisor and the soldier is key for a successful workplace relationship to function systematically for mission success. Being on time constitutes a sense of professionalism and a sense of pride with your Supervisors and fellow soldiers. Trust is also a crucial rule in the workplace and being punctual incenses honesty and drive entrusted in it. Relationships between the soldiers in their designated sections can be compromised when a soldier or soldiers are not on time often resulting in resentment and a broad range of self comparison and unnecessary rivalry. Normalcy or the tendency of the fact pertaining to constant lateness can become a cycle and affect your job performance and your ability for special incentives such as promotions and awards. Over time the tendency of being late can affect your salary and cause unnecessary stress financially and corrupt your moral conduct causing you to settle it as being a “Norm.” The Army strives to create a sense of values that soldiers need to adhere by. Integrity is one such value that pertains to the overall picture of why I need to be on time for duty. I need to be honest with myself about my place in the unit and how I as a soldier conduct myself in such manner. Dependability is a staple in the working relationship between the supervisor and soldier. Dependability does not always mean work ethic or keeping your word, it is as such a whole of all the factors in which honesty and self deprivation…

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