Communication Between Technical Services And Management Of Health Service Services

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Everyone has their own perspective on what integration is. For instance, users view integration as a continuity of care whereby with the aid of financial and medicines management, they gain ease in navigating health system. Whereas providers focus on coordination between technical services and management support (WHO, 2008). Generally, WHO (2008) defines integrated care as the organisation and management of health service, so that it is available-cum-accessible when in need, and user-friendly whereby users can navigate the network of facilities and health services to obtain the desired outcome that is worth the money they pay for. NZ health authority focuses on horizontal integration (within primary care services), vertical integration (between primary and secondary care services), and betterment of public health and social welfare services (Cumming, 2011). To obtain coordination between services, planning, funding and service delivery must be coherent.

There are two types of integration: organisational integration whereby the merging or contracting between institutions happen, and professional integration whereby different health professions collaborate to provide multipurpose services. The main features of integrated care include access, quality, and cost. With CHWs’ indigenousness, they translate health information into the community’s language apart from adapting to the values to make the services more client-oriented. Targeting high risk populations, they provide…

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