Communication Between Project Manager And Design Team Essay

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Task 3(c)
Communication between project manager and design team The two skills of project management and design are not natural allies. But design firms should and can cultivate project management and design as integrated components of project delivery. As architects and designers, we are drawn to our professions with the lure of being part of a creative process and the opportunity to design great projects. We spend significant time and energy developing rigorous design processes to ensure unique and thoughtful projects. The management of these projects, however, is a secondary thought at best, often a necessary evil of securing the design work. As a result, many clients do not believe that working with design professionals is a positive experience, nor are they particularly satisfied with the delivery process, regardless of the outcome. Project management is perhaps the single most sought-after role in the design industry, even outpacing the search for design talent. The growing number of independent project management firms and the fact that 30 percent of projects today are design-build confirm that clients are demanding higher levels of leadership and accountability than ever before for the success of their projects. Yet design firms are falling short of clients’ expectations in the delivery and management of those projects. While few in the design professions went to school with the intention of being project managers, they often seek that route as a fast track to…

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