Communication Between Employees And Employees Essay

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Communication in an organization can be both formal and informal. Information can be passed vertically or laterally across the organization to communicate official information between management and employees and information between employees. Today organizations have many ways to communicate as opposed to face-to-face communication years ago. Few forms of communication in an organization are emails, have meetings in a conference room or video conference or teleconference, phones, memos, instant messaging, speeches, announcements on the company’s intranet.
For any organization to be effective communication is very important. Information must be passed to the right department or individual at the right time. Effective communication improves office atmosphere, increases productivity and decreases employee turnover. Everybody in the organization must be able to express their views and open communication must be encouraged and should be an integral part of the organizations culture. Poor communication can result in missing on deadlines, work processes will suffer and morale of the employees can be affected. There should be a commitment from the top management to make communication effective, managers should be trained and provided with help to improve their communication skills. Organizations must ensure they have good communication tools to be used at all levels.
Communication flows vertically or laterally and vertical communication can be subdivided into downward and upward…

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