Communication Barriers Of A Communication Barrier Essay

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Written Communication skills

Letters and FAX and emails may be effective as it is easy to get sent to someone and makes it easier to get in contact with other people. This could have a communication barrier because the person won’t be able to read it if blind. They might also not have a fax machine to be able to get the FAX. This barrier could be overcome by checking if they are blind so you know if you need to give them braille to read instead of a normal letter or email. Another communication barrier is they might not check their email often so that they might not see the email. This could be overcome by making it so you get receipts when it is looked at or flag it so that they know it is important.

Spelling and grammar are important as the spelling is what will help them understand what is trying to be said. This could also be a communication barrier as the spelling may not be correct and grammar might also not be put in correctly. This could be overcome by spell checking the document before you send it or print it out to send it out to the employees. Also, this could be done by proofreading the document as this is the only way to check on the grammar mistakes as you might not notice them while you are reading the document.

Structure is important to keep it so it is clear what is being said and so that the employee doesn’t get confused about what they need to do. This may be a communication barrier because it may not be correctly structure which will make it…

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