Communication Barriers : An Organization Will Be Crippled ( Manoela )

1064 Words Mar 5th, 2016 null Page
Communication in the workplace is being clouded by the constant growth of business and the barriers affiliated with such growth. Organizations need to be proactive in their dealings with barriers and gaining knowledge and adopting policy and procedures, without knowledge and a plan in place, the optimal success of an organization will be crippled (Manoela, & Cecilia, 2013). Barriers to communication are not easy to overcome and new barriers are invading workplaces daily, in order to tear down these barriers hindering organizations, they must first, find a way to accept the differences, and secondly, devise a plan to effective conquer any obstacles in the path of organizational goals (Vranceanu, & Leca, 2015).
There are several communication barriers known to disrupt the flow of business in a workplace, the top three barriers include cultural barriers, language barriers and perception barriers (Hills 2013). However, with globalization and the continuous advancements in technology, there have been more studies and research conducted on organizational performance, it is only fair to include personality barriers (Pankratz, & Zimenoff, 2014), and technology barriers (Jackson, & Van Der Hooff, 2012). Every type of barrier or negative attribute will over time destroy the synergy within an organization, collectively, these barriers listed above, are reason for unsuccessful business dealings and according to Yasin & Yasin, (2013), forcing leaders to make strategies for…

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