Essay about Communication Barrier

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Effective communication is an important facet and skills are essential in all spheres of life. Communication is effective when the stimulus as initiated and intended by the sender, or source, corresponds closely to the stimulus as it is perceived and responded to by the receiver” (Tubbs and Moss, 2006), state .In nursing, every day we have to face to face with patient, we communicate with different people and different patients, so we must endeavour to give effective communication and also an important to counsel them from the usage of words, speed delivery of words, pitch modulation and body language. Effective communication is an essential component for organisation success, whether it is the interpersonal intra group
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 Active Listening – must understanding communication style, to listen carefully. There is a difference between “listening” and “hearing”. Active listening means hearing with proper understanding of the message that is heard. By asking questions the speaker can ensure whether his/her message is understood or not by the receiver in the same terms as intended by the speaker.

3) Effective listening had five criteria : a) Stop Focus on the other person, their thought and feeling. Give full attention to the speaker. Focus on quieting your own internal commentary and step away from your own concerns to think about those of the speaker.

b) Look Pay attention to non-verbal messages, without letting yourself be distracted. Notice body languages and non-verbal cues to allow for a richer understanding of the Speaker’s point.

c) Listen Listen for the essence of the speaker’s thoughts: details, major ideas and their meanings. Seek an overall understanding of

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