Communication at Work Essay

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Communication at Work
Professional communication is one of the most coveted skills in the workplace today. The number one cause of wasted work time and effort is poor communication. Poor communication not only contributes to wasted effort, but also causes frustration and poor employee morale in both the workers and managerial staff. Whether we are an individual performer, manager, or Vice President, effective professional interpersonal communication is an essential skill that will both ensure our stability in the corporation and the major indicator for our promotion. In this essay, we will discuss the principles and misconceptions of effective professional communication in the workplace, explain how perceptions, emotions, and
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Although we can say we are communicating with integrity since the limited information we are sharing is true, this is not adhering to the true meaning of integrity.
Hybels and Weaver (2007) define respect as conveying, “[R]egard and appreciation of the worth, honor, dignity, and esteem of all people” (p. 211). In the workplace, we see that this communication principle reflects more on our personal character rather than with the role that we perform. In my current position as a sales support consultant, I learned that communicating with coworkers in a respectful manner improves my reputation within the department and delivery managers specifically request to work with me as opposed to some of my peers. A common misconception of this principle is being respectful when communicating with an individual, but then talk poorly about them when they are not present or sharing confidential information about that person with others. I have personally experienced such behavior and have lost all respect for that person.
Hybels and Weaver (2007) define openness as, “[F]ree exchange of ideas within the bounds of reasonable behavior” (p. 211). In the workplace, we see this communication principle as highly effective in both one on one interaction and in a team environment. Whether the situation is a manager talking to a subordinate or a team

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