Communication At The Health Care Setting Essay

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Communication in the Health Care Setting
Jeszenia McGuire
Elms College School of Nursing

Communication is an integral part of the health care delivery system; nurses of all experience levels, especially novice nurses, need to commit to developing communication skills as they are fundamental components to utilize throughout the nursing process. In my opinion, the nurse’s job is to empower his or her patient, and be their advocate; in order to accomplish this they need to have well established communication skills, especially relating to education and collaboration. In order to educate, from admission to discharge, nurses need to ensure that their patients understand their care plans, and remain autonomous throughout the process. It is also essential that nurses develop such skills in order to effectively work with the rest of the healthcare team to ensure the optimal health of their patients.
In my opinion, communication is a complex process that consists of our ability to respectfully and professionally interact with our patients, their families, and our coworkers with the common goal of enhancing health and safety. According to the Nurse of the Future Core Competency Framework, developed by QSEN (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses), states that “the Nurse of the Future will interact effectively with patients, families, and colleagues,

fostering mutual respect and shared decision making, to enhance patient satisfaction and health outcomes.,” (). QSEN…

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