Communication At The Different Forms Of Communication Essay

1075 Words Jan 28th, 2016 null Page
Dwyer, J 2012, ‘Communication in today’s workplace’, The Business Communication Handbook, 9th edition, Pearson Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSW, viewed 5th of January 2016,
In this article, Dwyer at the different forms of communication, communication process, different barriers to communication, factors impacting on workplace communication, opportunities and challenges of inter-cultural communication. Dwyer initiate by discussing about two forms of communication: verbal or nonverbal, that is perceived by another. Nonverbal communication consists part of a message which are not encoded in words- for example, tone of voice, facial expressions or gestures and movement. He stated, meaning is derived from the message as the receiver perceives, structures and interprets it. He outlined the seven elements of the communication process which are sender, message, channel, receiver, feedback, context and noise. He expounded about barriers to communication, barriers can interrupt its flow and lead to confusion and misunderstanding.
He sketched the factors such as globalisation, workforce diversity, evolving social media tools, constant change and the growing importance of knowledge management and intellectual ‘know-how’ to any organisation which impact on workplace communication. Dwyer also explained how social media tools contribute to an organisation’s internal and external communication and interactions as social media includes…

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