Essay about Communication As A Good Leader Of A Business

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Interpersonal Skill
Unit 6 Written Assignment
BUS 1101 Communication is the importance fact of management. As to have a good communication skill, we need good interpersonal skills to be a good leader of a business. As leader of a business, we have to deal with upper or the lower leaders, customers and employees. So we need a good communication with them and I believe good interpersonal skill will give those skills. Here we have some fact of interpersonal skills to discuss, listening, assertiveness, negotiation, feedback, persuasion, interviewing and coaching. (UoPeople, 2016) Those all the skills are referred to the communication theory. To communicate with others, we first need to listen what they speak or what they acting when they speak. Listening is a skill that comes from your concentration of your work and stakeholders’ movement. For a person who work at the customer-relation will get the customer’s interest by taking concern about the word and orders of your customers and will able to develop your sales and some customers might be transformed as your friend and be your forever customer. For example, if you are selling printers on the phone or at the showroom, your customer will mention his/her needs at first is the first step for us to concern about each fact and then he/she will ask about the function and the usage of your product. If you listen well, so you must able to give good answers and first you will get a trust then must get a sale through your listening…

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